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The Sai Krushna Charitable Team is blessed to be personally guided and led by Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba as its Chief patron and Master.

Chief Patron

Shri Lakshminarayan Aithal

Shri. Aithal has the unique distinction of having served for over 15 years as the Principal of Swami's institution in the Sathya Sai Loka Seva Trust, Muddenahalli.

He has served for 33 years in Sri Sathya Sai Loka Seva Trust, Muddenahlli and 3 years prior to that in Alike.

Currently, he conducts study circles in various Samithis in Karnataka disseminating the teachings of Swami, Bhagavad Gita and the Upanishads.

 Shri YC Bajjappa

Shri Bajjappa has been involved in social service and educational activities in rural and urban areas in Karnataka for the last 50 years.

He has been the District Chairman of Lions Club International for physically disabled, for eyesight conservation, for rural health services, leprosy eradication and administrative organization. Shri Bajjapa has also been a visionary in the field of education helping in funding reputed institutions like Poornprajna Educational Centre and Veerashaiva Educational Centre.

Shri C R Rajamani

Shri Rajamani is a retired executive with 30 + years experience in India 's steel giant, Tata Steel. With a B.Tech in Electrical engineering from Benaras Hindu University , Varanasi , he is a passionate educationist and committed social worker. He has strong organizing capabilities and uses his managerial acumen in all infrastructure related projects of the Trust. He believes in a simple lifestyle as the first step in service to society.

Shri C R Venkat Krishnan

Shri. Krishnan hails from Jamshedpur . After serving in Tata Steel for 20 years, he took voluntary retirement from the company to take out time for himself, his family and to serve the society. Ever since, he actively involved himself in the Sri Sathya Sai Seva organization and its activities. A very good bhajan singer, he has actively been a part of various service activities of the organization. His high ideal of service to man is service to God has been one of the great inspirations for his near and dear ones.

Smt. Vijayalakshmy Krishnan

Smt. Krishnan has been in the field of education for over 24 years. A former High school Teacher at DBMS English School , Jamshedpur , she started her teaching career from primary school and went to become the High school coordinator. She has been a very active member of the school's social and environmental activities. She is also a prominent member of the Jamshedpur Sathya Sai Seva organization. Having served as the city's Bal Vikas Co-ordinator she also involved herself with activities such as poor feeding, Grama Seva, counseling for juvenile delinquents etc.

Shri K.Vinod Cartic

Vinod completed his Bachelors in Technology in Chemical Engineering from IIT Madras with a Gold Medal for outstanding performance. Subsequently, he also secured the Gold medal in MBA (Business Strategy) from the prestigious Sri Sathya Sai University . He is a lead Bhajan singer in Prashanthi Nilayam and is currently engaged in various service activities and awaits Swami's further instructions in Puttaparthy.


We have an expanding group of talented and committed individuals coming forward to lend their time, resources and skills. Some of these dedicated volunteers include:

Smt. Lalitha Rajamani,
former Mathematics teacher at DBMS English School , Jamshedpur for over 15 years

Shri Jagannathan G,
Executive Vice President and Global Head of Business Excellence, Tata Consultancy Services and formerly Chief Executive Officer of Tata Quality Management Services

Shri Radhakrishnan Nair,
Chief, Human Resource Office, Federal bank

Smt. Kalpna J Latham,
Social Worker in the UK , formerly a nurse, London .

Shri Murugananth M,
Ph.D.(cantab), currently teaching at University of Wollongong , Australia
Founding Director and Chairman, a Simple Solid Solution Enterprises (aSSSent).

Shri Kalyan Kumar Ghosh,
Search Advisor at Metis Consultants- a recruitment firm, Bangalore

Smt. Shelly Ghosh,
Principal Consultant at Metis Consultants- a recruitment firm, Bangalore

Shri Shriram K,
Master Mariner, Oil and Gas Industry

Shri Priveen Raj Naidu,
CEO, hireNhigher Pte Ltd
Director, Strategy & Business Development. Optimi Maritime Pte Ltd
Branding & strategy specialist a

Ms Vandana Krishnan,
Founding Director, Therefore We Media Works, a start-up firm in films, designing, research and marketing, Bangalore.

Many Alumni of the Sri Sathya Sai University have also been involved in this venture. These include:

Shri Prakash Srinivasan,
Process Manager at HP, Bangalore

Shri Sethuraman A,
Manager at Reddy's labs, Hyderabad

Shri Shrikanth S,
Equity Manager at Frost and Sullivan, Chennai

Shri Arun K,
Manager at Ericsson Telecom, Gurgaon

Shri Abhijeet Singh,
Equity Manager at Irevna, a subsidiary of Crisil, Chennai

Shri Ramakrishnan MS,
Senior Software Engineer

Shri Sai Kishore,
Optical Networks Lead Researcher at CISCO, Bangalore  

Shri. Abirami L
Head of Dietary in SSS General Hospital
M.Sc. Nutrition B.Sc. Biosciences

Shri. Aswath Narayan S.
Ph.D. Scholar Biosciences Prashanthi Nilayam

Shri. Bhargav KVRK
Administrator SS Portal
Volunteering in Ad Block MBA SSSIHL

Shri. Ganesh KM
Ph.D. Scholar
Chemistry Prashanthi Nilayam

Shri. Koustubh Pare
Teacher at Music College
Music College SSSIHL; B.Com

Shri. Nivas
Senior Software Engineer
M.Tech Computer Science SSSIHL

Shri. Prakash Srinivasan
Manager Business Consulting Hewlett Packard

Shri. Ramakrishnan MS
Manager HCL Computers Limited

Shri. Ramesh
Ph.D. Organic Chemistry
Indian Institute of Science( IISC) M.Sc.

Shri. Renganathan K
Senior analyst
Frost & Sullivan MBA

Shri. Sai Kishore
R&D Scientist CISCO
M.Tech Optics

Shri. Satyanarayana Raju
Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) M.Tech Optics

Shri. Sethuraman A
Manager Reddy Labs

Shri. Shiv Kishan Gupta
Manager Thompson Reuters
M.Tech. Computer Science

Shri. Shrikanth S
Industry Manager BFS Team Frost & Sullivan

Shri. Venkatraman
Manager Standard Chartered Bank


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