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Ceiling on Desires
This involves a holistic approach of lessening one's needs and learning to adapt to situations to make the best use of available resources.

Our focus is on quality and not on quantity. Our projects and activities are inspired by a sense of inner commitment to ensuring better standards and we shall take up only those projects wherein we can give our very best.

Walk the talk
The trustees and members of management shall constantly strive to set an example of Simple living and High thinking. We would work towards making our lives His message.

Unity and Equality
The organization would serve people without any discrimination. All our activities would be prompted by a feeling of universal brotherhood backed by unity of thought, word and deed.

Self Improvement
The essence of service is self improvement. The trust will emulate best practices of other organizations and strive for its own improvement, without resorting to backbiting or criticism.

Truth is the life breath of any organization. We will consciously adopt transparency in our procedures of management, financials, and record maintenance.

Seva as Sadhana
The purpose of all service activities is the purification of the mind and heart. The opportunity to serve society is to be effectively used in the form of Karma Yoga as a pathway to divinity.


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