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MOVING FROM EDUCATION TO EDUCARE - an approach to refinement of head, heart and hand. According to Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba: "Education is for life, not merely for earning a living."

Swami says that the purpose of education is not one of information gathering, but of effecting transformation.  In other words, the integrated system of education here aims at eliciting and exposing the best in an individual, one's inherent divine qualities, even as a sculptor brings out a beautiful idol from a block of granite. It is hoped that the recipients of such an education would become ideal citizens with an uncompromising adherence to human h values, compassion for the destitute and love for society. Bhagavan Baba calls this process as EDUCARE.

The essential features of this process of Educare that we are trying to implement are :

  • Character building through education in human values- End of education is character
  • Motivate children to pursue their dreams and become responsible world citizens
  • Opportunity for University/ college education for all children in their field of interest
  • Experiential learning through participation in all activities of Sai Krushna Mandir
  • Skills training to hone the talent of the children in fine arts, music, and Indian culture
  • Generate awareness among the children of prevailing imbalances through Grama Seva

In other words, Educare is the process by which the three faculties of head, heart and hand are refined and integrated.


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